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Trust the Universe and Yourself!

By Cathie Barash, Author of "The Right Relationship Starts with YOU" and Personal Growth Coach at A Mindfulness Life Center.

When we are hoping and praying for specific outcomes in our lives, we can rest assured that the universe will either bless us with what we desire, or block our plans for something better. A great deal of stress and anxiety can be avoided when we believe that only good lies before us, and trust that we will be divinely guided toward what is in our best interests.

For example, we may have our heart set on a particular romantic partner who doesn’t reciprocate our feelings, and feel terribly disappointed as a result. Then, we go on to meet someone more aligned with our heart and soul, which helps us to realize how incompatible our former love interest had been. Gratefully, we are able to see how blessed we are for being led to the harmonious and loving partnership we were meant to have.

Similarly, we may have our heart set on a certain job, which someone else receives. Later, we discover that the desired company ultimately went out of business or had other unforeseen problems. Had we received the chosen position, we would have been out of work again or been extremely unhappy. Additionally, we would have missed out on a better career opportunity that we were intended to have.

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