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Several of our teachers are available for private classes and/or healing sessions.  If you are interested in learning privately, please contact the teacher directly for rates and details!

Jeanene Farley

Jeanene - Copy (2)

Jeanene Farley has a very diverse yoga background as she has used these varied practices on her own path to growth and transformation.  She is able to “tune-in” to your needs and customize a yoga practice that is right for you drawing on all these different modalities.  Jeanene holds a loving, sacred space and helps clients to access their own inner wisdom and guidance on their journey.

Jeanene teaches publicly, privately and to small groups in Kundalini, Hatha Yoga, Yin/Restorative, Yoga Nidra (Amrit Method of guided meditation), Meditation, Gongs and Crystal Bowls. 

Jeanene is also available to teach children both one-on-one and in small groups.  She has taught children in the field of gymnastic, dance and swimming for the past 27 years and yoga for children for the past 8 years.  She has partnered with 2 other teachers to create Radiant Roots Yoga which offers kids yoga teacher training to anyone wanting tools to help children as well as schools throughout the valley.

Please visit her website at www.yoginijeanie.com or email her at jeanene@yoginijeanie.com

Yuri Grevtsev


Yuri has a bachelor of science degree in Exercise and Wellness from ASU.  He first started his training in the internal arts of Qi Gong and Tai Chi when he was 15, and was later certified to teach Qi Gong and Tai Chi in Moscow, Russia. He traveled extensively and trained with various teachers around the world. Yuri received instruction in Buddhist meditation technique while living in South East Asia.

Qi Gong and Tai Chi mindful meditation movement that promotes well-being through the flow of energy.  Qi gong is a meditative practice using gentle movement, focused on abdominal breathing that awakens and builds energy, to boost the immune system.

Please contact Yuri for Tai Chi or Qigong classes at:

Julie Lemerond


Julie teaches Yoga Nidra and works one-on-one with people to create personalized meditations for them to take back into their everyday lives.  Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice which can be individualized for each person, using intention-setting to help rewrite unhelpful thoughts and behaviors effortlessly.  Each session is recorded for the client to keep for their own home use, which they can use again and again.  

Julie holds an Advanced Certification in the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra.

You can contact her directly at jlemerond@hotmail.com
or learn more at www.julielemerond.com.

Jackie Price

Jackie photo

Jackie has a calm, welcoming presence that instantly puts people at ease. She combines thousands of hours of training with her own life experience to facilitate growth, understanding and healing in others. With deep wisdom and a touch of humor, she helps clients navigate the flow of life in a peaceful and meaningful way.

Jackie teaches publicly, privately and to small groups.
Mindfulness * Meditation * Yoga * Yoga Nidra * Life/Soul Coaching * Reiki

Please contact Jackie at:

Steve Price


A master-level instructor in mindfulness, meditation and writing, Steve is now working individually with students in the ancient teacher-to-student tradition. Receive highly individualized teachings, practices and guidance in:

• meditation
• mindfulness
• self-mastery & leadership
• mindful writing & book development
• study of ancient texts (Yoga Sutras, Tao Te Ching, Heart Sutra, Diamond Sutra, Bhagavad Gita)

Please contact Steve at:

Kim Balzan

Kim Balzan B&W

Kim teaches and holds a private office at A Mindfulness Life Center. She is certified in: Kundalini Yoga (Level 1 and 2), Vibrational Sound Therapy (Himalayan sound bowls, and crystal alchemy bowls), Sound Massage, Reiki, Gong, and Hypnotherapy. Additionally, she is a certified Holistic Health Coach, and Eating Psychology Coach working closely with patients at the Virginia Piper Cancer Center.  

Kim offers private and group sessions in all her modalities, as well as one-on-one and group trainings. She has built a successful private practice using crystal alchemy bowls and Himalayan singing bowls, and she works with a variety of clients  managing catastrophic health issues. Kim's transformational healing sessions use sound vibration as medicine, and a meditative mind set to facilitate the body's immune response. She facilitates the balancing of body, mind, and spirit through vibration and sound and can be contacted at kim@yourweigh2wellness.com.

Andreas Jaeger


Scottsdale Coaching & Mentoring
Spiritually-integrated Counseling & Coaching

My services:

I offer confidential talk therapy in face-to-face appointments and in client calls.

My approach is spiritually-integrated, which means that it combines the most powerful concepts used in cognitive-behavioral therapy and analytical psychology with spiritual concepts found in all religions and mindfulness practices.

I do not promote or represent any particular philosophy, faith or religion and we do not proselytize.

I also offer life-skills coaching which includes career planning, education planning, gaining financial control over one’s life and retirement planning.

Topics I address:
Anxiety & Stress
Sadness & Depression
Family & Relationship
Gaining independence from a relationship or family that has limited your growth or caused a lot of pain
Feelings of shame and guilt
Grief, illness & end-of-life
Realizing your goals in finances, education and career (please see “Life-skills-coaching”)
Developing your spiritual practice such as meditation, prayer and mindfulness
Establishing a connection to the Higher Power
Our services are strictly confidential


In my practice I often meet people who are looking for direction on personal finances, career, education, housing and other topics related to general life management. People often desire more control in these areas, and they wish they had a better plan for how to reach their long-term goals and potential.

Depending on the needs of each individual client this can include the following services:

1) Financial-skills coaching

This includes coaching the tools and processes necessary to gain better control over one’s personal finances such as planning and reconciling the check-book balance, but also making plans to manage one’s expenses and developing a strategy on how to increase one’s income.

2) Motivation, education and career planning

I advice people on potential exit strategies to realize their professional potential through educational opportunities or through finding different career paths that better fit their goals and talents.

3) Retirement planning

I offer clients templates and tools I have developed for my own retirement planning to plan their own financial future. The goal of the coaching is to enable a client to gain better control over their long-term financial future.

Healing Ministry Service:

I offer a healing ministry to help people be in a state of mind that supports recovery from serious illness. The healing ministry is based on the insights and teachings of Joel S. Goldsmith.

The service is provided by us free of charge and does not involve spoken prayer or laying-on of hands if not wanted.

The service takes approximately 20-30 minutes and is most effective if I can see the patient face-to-face in silence. Friends or loved-ones may attend, however the only requirement we have is that there is silence and a sense of peace and equanimity in the room during the time the service is given.

To provide the service, I can come to you, if the person receiving the service is not mobile.

As it is the case with all of our services, I cannot guarantee success or specific results because the outcome greatly depends on the person seeking help, as well as other factors beyond my control.

The healing services are free-of-charge, although you are welcome to make a donation.

Who I see:
Teenagers ages 16 and older
People facing illness or end-of-life
I do not have a set fee. My services are donation-based, which means that clients can make a donation based on their ability. Rates for similar counseling services typically range from $120 to $200 per hour. We ask our clients to consider a donation of $40 to $120 for a one hour session.

Available 7 days a week by appointment. To make an appointment please call me at
602-740-9210, or send an e-mail to: andreas@andreasjaeger.us

 New Student Special: 

1 Week Unlimited for $25*

*Classes only. Excludes workshops and series. Please contact us at 480.207.6016 for more information.

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